Sunday, 8 February 2009


From To Everyone an Answer: A Case for the Christian Worldview

"Indeed they were so bold as to proclaim him messiah in Jerusalem -- the very place where there were numerous witnesses to his execution, which presumably should have scotched the rumor that he was more than an ordinary mortal."

Aside from the importance of what he's saying (roughly translated, that the disciples proclaimed Jesus was alive in the same city he was crucified), guess why I liked that sentence.

And in a different vein (still talking about Jesus):

"He came to make known something about God and something about humankind and something about their interrelationship in the crucible of a volatile environment in which proclamations about the intervening saving reign of God were dangerous and could get one crucified because of what such messages implied about one's own relationships of power to both God and God's people."

I have read that sentences, in general, should be no more than 15-20 words. A bit longer is okay to make a point, but longer sentences tend to lose people. This one has 59 words. I read it three times before I understood it at all. It's actually easier to understand now that I've taken it out of the paragraph. No wonder Apologetics is giving me a headache.

Friday, 6 February 2009


I have determined that the life span of a box of crayons in Children's Church is not more than 9 months. Actually, it's about 6 months of living and 3 months on life support.

About 9 months ago I bought 6 new boxes of crayons from Dollarama. (Before you begin to wonder just how cheap I am, understand that they are Crayola crayons and they are boxes of 24. These are not cheap crayons; they are simply inexpensive!) Three months ago I straightened out the boxes (again) and determined that I had 2 complete sets of crayons, 3 mostly complete sets, and 1 box of broken crayon pieces. I figured they would last a few more months before I needed to replace them. Last Sunday I noticed that no one has a complete set anymore, so I decided it's time for new ones.

Side note: I understand the broken crayons. I do not know how so many disappear. When I'm teaching we check the table, the chairs, and the floor for crayons. It's after I haven't been teaching that I need to go through the boxes for the kids and reorganize the sets so they have the right colours (yes I spoil them; your point is?) and that's usually when I find out how many are missing. I don't think everyone is as compulsive as I am about making sure we have all the crayons at the end of class. I bought new crayons. Six beautiful boxes. The kids will be very happy Sunday morning. The old crayons always go to the nursery unless the youngest Sunday School class wants them. I always feel a bit bad about that; basically I'm saying, "Here are some crayons that are no longer good enough for my kids so your kids can have them." On the other hand, we are talking about children who still eat crayons, so it's probably okay!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

What's Making Me Happy Today

  1. Getting off work early today (actually I got off at 5, but I've been working so many evenings that 5 feels early).
  2. Finally finding that I'm understanding the apologetics text books. The more I read the more it makes sense.
  3. Finding the "Stuff Christians Like" blog. If you head over that way, be sure to check out the comments as well as the posts; sometimes the comments are funnier.
  4. E-mails from the kids. They make me smile.
  5. Reading comics instead of apologetics for a while.