Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I was going to be all disciplined and stuff and post regularly but school got in the way so forget it.

Here's all I have to say: the New Covenant stuff is complicated (because everyone says something different, although I don't feel bad about disagreeing with them because all sorts of scholars do) but at least I'm learning stuff and enjoying it, and Sailhamer has written the most boring book on the Pentateuch I have ever read and I'm not learning anything from him.

Also, this is my 200th post and I'm using it to explain why I'm not posting more. There's probably something significant about that.

I'll be back after essay season (5 days, 8 hours, 17 minutes until it's all due)

Friday, 22 October 2010


I went for a walk this evening and passed a group of 4 boys, probably around 6-12 years old. They had been bike riding and were having some sort of disagreement.

All I caught was the youngest one sounding very put out with one of the older ones....

"You always do it and we never do it and we bike until we're tuckered out and then you say you have to keep going and get home and then you come back and say 'Ha, ha!'"

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jesus, I am Resting, Resting

This is what was running through my head as I woke up this morning....

Friday, 15 October 2010

Almost Done...

I have only 2 more papers to write (three if I want to do the bonus paper).

One is a research paper. I'm writing about the New Covenant in Jeremiah. I did a paper last year that covered it some, but from a different angle; last year's was about general covenants in the Ancient Near East, then all the covenants in the Old Testament and then narrowing to the New Covenant, while this year I'm just writing about the fulfillment of the New Covenant. The good news is, I have all the articles I used for last year's paper, so at least some of the research is done.

The other paper is a book review. It should be easy, but the book is 612 pages long and so far not all that interesting (of course, I'm only about 25 pages into it). Ah, well, I'll plug away and see how fast I can skim and then write.

There is also the bonus project. For that I need to watch Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments and write a movie review. I watched it already once, but I'll need to watch it again and take notes. The thing is, the movie is about 3 1/2 hours long, and I'm not sure I have the time to watch it and write about it. What bothers me is that the prof hasn't marked any of our other papers (we just got marks for the chapter summaries we handed in at the end of June), so I don't know how I'm doing and if I should take the time to get the bonus marks.

Everything is due October 31. 2 weeks and 2 days, and 2 more classes will be done.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Various Things to be Thankful For....

Bringing ice cream and olives to Thanksgiving dinner and leaving with apple pie, enough leftovers for two meals, and extra ham.

Spending time being silly with one child, learning about lego kingdoms and reading books with another child, and laughing with the adults while we "played" the Worst Case Scenario game.

Knowing how to: survive a kidnapping, recognize when a ship is coming to rescue me (and not kidnap me), eat a frog or a lizard, and recognize a harvest ant bite.

Keeping bulletins in my bible cover so that I am able to hand them over, one by one, to a little imp sitting next to me in church to keep her busy drawing all over the back.

A certain little imp who sits with me in church and draws pictures of Miss Dorothy and Miss Dorothy's house (which looks nothing like my house, given that I live in an apartment).

Having an apartment of my own so that I can have books stacked wherever I want....which is most of everywhere.

That in Edmonton, Criminal Minds is on peasant vision, so I can indulge every Wednesday evening (which is what I'm doing right now).

Monday, 11 October 2010

The Last Line on Both Makes Me Laugh

Okay, this first one I got from Biblical Christianity

I would have simply linked to him, but I prefer this Old Spice ad (but go watch the one he posted, too):

Friday, 8 October 2010

From the Kids...

When the boys were over last week, I was trying to do school work and other stuff that needed to be done while they played. Since I wasn't paying too much attention, I only overheard bits of conversations....

Boy 1: You can't have a force field! That's cheating!
Boy 2: It's not cheating. It's an invisible force field.


You can't get through. You're not powerful enough. No one has enough power. (slight pause) Well, except God's power could.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Happy, Happy, Happy!

My church has been around for almost 5 years (to be exact, 4 years and 11 months). Yesterday morning we moved into another building.

Allow me to trace our movements: when we started, there was some talk about having to meet in someone's house (and we were small enough to do it; our first pot luck was in someone's house) but we found space at a hotel. I don't remember how long we were there (2 years, maybe? or 3?), but eventually we moved next door to....another hotel! Here we had a more rooms and a more enclosed space so we didn't have to worry about children running down the hall and getting lost. As we grew, we needed to rearrange rooms and change how things were set up and double up on Sunday School rooms.

Yesterday we moved again. We're leasing a school (well, not all of the school, but most of it) so it's actually our own space. And....for the first time....every Sunday School class is in its own room. So, for the first time since I became a teacher, I have my own classroom. We're using it for my Sunday School class and the Children's Church class, since they don't need it at the same time. For the most part I can decorate how I want (as opposed to how the kids want, which included throwing paint at the walls). It has a small whiteboard that I ignored and a large chalkboard that I wrote all over (I love chalkboards). I think the lady who helps with my class laughed at me for the entire hour!

It worked out well, too, in that I was teaching my class about how God provides for us, and we had our own class in a building we've been praying for as an example!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

I am Cow

My friend's young sons were over yesterday and we ended up on the computer; I was watching a YouTube clip and as soon as they heard it they came over (it was a Piper clip on not wasting your life; they thought it was strange but stayed to watch/listen).

They seem like such good boys; they even told me that they aren't allowed on YouTube unless Mommy says it's okay and she's there. I assured them that it was okay if I was with them. Then they had me watch "I am Cow" three times (well, mostly I listened while I made lunch; they kept hitting replay). And I was stuck with it running through my head the rest of the day.

And so, for your viewing enjoyment......