Saturday, 13 November 2010

A Tale of Two Sleepovers

Wednesday night I had 6 girls, ranging from grades 7-10, over for the night. They watched Letters to Juliet, Karate Kid, and Sidney White. When they weren't watching movies, they were shrieking, pantsing each other, and asking me about boys and dating. They went to bed at about 3:00 and some of them were reluctant to get up at 9:00. They ate cereal and drank tea and hot chocolate and talked more about boys.

Right now my younger girls are over. There are 5 of them, grades 4-6. Last night we watched Aquamarine, Happily Never After 2, and Ramona and Beezus. They ate a lot and were all asleep by 1:00 and up by 8:30. They ate cereal and hot chocolate for breakfast. Right now they're watching Marmaduke... and colouring and playing with magnetix and the magna-doodle. When they talk, it's about the movies and school.

The older girls are loud and wild (for the most part), and want to know all about boy-stuff. The little girls think they're all grown up, can see the difference! a side note...the big girls are not quite as mature as they think they are...they want to know about "it" and "you know" and will never actually say "the s-word!"

Sunday, 7 November 2010

5th Anniversary

Today is my church's fifth anniversary. Five years ago we gathered in a meeting room in a hotel and then went to the house of one of the members for lunch. At the time, we averaged 48 people each week.

This week we gathered in the school that we lease and spread out over four rooms for lunch. We average 150 people each week.

We sang and we shared what God has been doing in out lives. We talked about how much the church family has meant to everyone. We laughed and we cried.

It's been a good five years. God has blessed us so much.