Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Oh, yeah, as long as I'm here....

I've been meaning to mention: those Hannah Montana cookies were a hit with a couple of my high school students (I shared; aren't you proud of me). Plus, they're growing on me; they're really good with coffee.

I just thought I'd mention that, for Keona.

Why We Should Look Back Once in a While

I've heard it said enough times: that's in the past; forget about it; move on. Usually it's good advice. There are things that need to be forgotten or moved past. On the other hand....

Things have been stressful at work (and does that surprise anyone?). Life has been busy outside of work. I'm trying to understand Apologetics (it's coming), keep 12 small children still during Children's church every week (oh, and teach them stuff), and deal with the other bits of stuff life throws my way.

And, as always, I start to worry, fret, fuss, etc. Then I start to pray and remember that God is in charge of all of this stuff, He knows what He's doing, and besides all that worry is a sin. Then I sigh deeply and wonder when I'll get it right on the first try.

Then I think back about a year or so when I would fret and worry and such for much longer before coming to prayer. Back to that time when I stayed stressed and frustrated and justified it and forgot that God is God and I am not. And I realize how much faster I'm repenting of worrying and remembering to trust God. hasn't gotten easy, trusting God. But it has gotten easier. And that is encouraging.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Math Problems

5 new students + 6 potential new students - 1 teacher = schedule issues

It's fun stuff. Somehow, though, it always works out and I'm not stressing (too much).

Could it be the constant prayers for help and trust?