Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I Agree

I agree with the the first statement frequently, and I completely agree with the last statement.

Go here to see what I'm talking about.

Friday, 11 April 2014

In the Event that I Still Have Readers....

I'd like to tell you about my friend Monika, who is preparing to be a missionary in Ireland. Actually, I think I'll let her talk to you; go read her blog.

And...I'll try to write a bit here and there, but life is busy. I'm finishing up the last of my classes and then I'll have time (and energy) to write more.

By mid-May, I will be posting a little more regularly.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My Guest Blogger

Finally, the return of Gertrude Millicent Wigglesworth with her conclusion of her book review of The Silver Chair (begun here):

After reaching the ruined city, Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum end up making their way underground. They are eventually discovered by the Earthmen, who have been ordered to take the trio to their Queen. Upon reaching the queen's castle they discover that the queen has gone out. However the Black Knight is there and invites the three to dine with him. While they are eating he tells them about the enchantment he is under. For one hour every night, the Knight grows violently furious and will kill anyone he sees. Afterwards he transforms into a great serpent. This is why his most gracious Queen has ordered him to be bound to a silver chair every night until he is himself again. The Knight then told them that the Queen had found the only way to break the spell: he must become King of Overland. Her plan was to invade Overland using tunnels. After the meal the Knight is bound to the silver chair, and instructs them not to untie them no matter what he says. Sure enough the hour comes and the Knight does indeed plead with them to untie him, saying, “this is the only hour I am not enchanted, the rest of the time I am under the witch's spell. And in the name of Aslan let me go!” That was the fourth sign! Eustace and Puddleglum cut off the Knight's bonds. The Knight then reintroduces himself as Prince Rilian and hacks the silver chair to bits! He said could not remember who he was whilst under the enchantment. The celebration does not last long though for quite soon after the Queen walks in. Or should I say witch? She sees the Prince unbound with a sword in hand and the silver chair now in many pieces. She walks over to the hearth and throws in a handful of green powder. This causes the room to fill up with a sweet and drowsy aroma, making it very hard to think. The Witch puts them all under a spell making them think there is no Narnia, there never was any world but hers. Brave Puddleglum, in a desperate attempt to stop the spell, takes his foot and stomps on the fire, stopping the spell. After realizing they are no longer under her control, the witch transforms into a huge green serpent and attacks our four heroes. The Prince, Puddleglum, and Eustace manage to dispatch the Witch in the end. After dressing Puddleglum's burnt foot, they set out to find Overworld. With the help of the Earthmen, who were also under the Queen's spell, they find their way to the surface, where Prince Rilian says goodbye to his dying father Caspian X. With their mission complete, Aslan takes them back to their own world.

This book is an interesting book. It has enchantments, giants and a quest to find a lost prince. It appeals to everyone's sense of fun and is a good read for anyone of any age.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

From the Kids

At work...

Me: Do you know what a summary is?
6 year old: Yes. That's what you can in and it goes underwater.
Me: Um...no, that's a submarine.

Student one (out of the blue): I loooooooove Sylvan!
Student two: Sylvan is so much fun!
Student three: I'm so bored.

At home...

Child one: Let's do a brain transplant this time!
Child two: Yeah! Wait, were's the brain?

In Sunday School...

Me: And what would happen if a slave refused to do what the master said?
Entire class in unison: They would be whipped!

Then I talked about them as my slaves. They realized that there are more of them, so they started planning a slave uprising. I told them that it never works because other people would come and deal with them. They insisted that there are more of them.
Me: Hey, there are more adults than children in this church and they would come and kill you.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Right Now

Right now there is a flock of small nuisances in my living room. They range from 6-10 years old and there are 5 of them.

So far they have made 2 bracelets, one bead person, and a mess of beads and bead accouterments.

They found the small doctor kit, and then I found them the real stethoscope. We listened to everyone's hearts, heads, and lungs. Then we all took turns being the dead person and getting heart and kidney transplants. There was a lot of drama and Skittle pills.

Eventually we ordered pizza and pop and now they're eating and watching a movie and playing and talking.

They're so much fun.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


On Saturday I ended up teaching grade 9 Science, which is not my favourite thing to do (my regular tutor called in sick). On of the questions was "How are stars created?" I tried to answer twice:
1. God created them.
2. "When a mommy star and a daddy star love each other very much..."
She didn't think her teacher would like either answer, so I finally had to resort to Google.

Sunday morning I was talking with one of the small sweethearts at church. She's three and thinks it's so funny and great that I call her "Sweetheart." She told me that she used to be a baby and when she was a baby she had to live in a box. Her dad later clarified that she was premature and very tiny and was in an incubator.

One of our least favourite books at work is Fifi Ferret's Flute. We've all read it (and heard it read) dozens of times. It's so bad that once I changed the ending and killed off Fifi and everyone on the room cheered (except the rather perplexed 5-year old sitting across from me). Today one of my teachers asked her student how the problem in Fifi was fixed, but what I heard was "How was Fifi fixed?" Just for a minute the story was interesting.