Sunday, 10 December 2017

Sunday Stuff

Today we learned that if you have a couple boxes of candles that you want to use for the Christmas concert, and if these candles were in storage (inside and outside) for a couple years, they may have softened and hardened just enough to fuse many of them together. We also learned that if you drop them on an un-carpeted floor, it will help them separate, or at least loosed up enough to pull them apart. I'm glad we learned that this week instead of the night of the concert.

We got new books for the library today. There was a stack of commentaries, some for the children (fiction and nonfiction) and a mix of others. New book day is always a good day. My assistant library was extra happy because we got one that he was wanting to read, so he entered it into the system and then checked it out.

It was a good Sunday. In Sunday school, we're learning systematic theology. It's been mostly introduction stuff last week and today. In the new year we'll get into it more, starting with soteriology. Pastor Mike was concerned last week that he was too technical, but I wasn't the best one to ask that; I like the technical stuff. Adult Sunday school makes me happy. It's like being back in school, only without the papers or exams.

Your Christmas song for this week:

Monday, 4 December 2017

Sunday Notes

I did not yell at anyone during concert practice yesterday, which is amazing because I have my voice back and could yell now. I did smack them with a rolled up script on occasion. They wouldn't stop playing with the baby in the manger (and getting straw everywhere). They poked it and flipped it around (because it looked better the other way) and asked if it was necessary to change the baby's diaper. The chief angel tried to convince the other angels that they had to do what he did, the shepherds kept poking each other, and one of the Scripture readers wouldn't slow down (it was actually funny because he kept insisting that he was slowing down, but he kept reading at the same pace). I'm pretty sure they were all determined to drive me crazy, but somehow we made it through. Next week there is no practice, and then the weekend after we have the big dress rehearsal, the final rehearsal, and the performance.

In other news, life is pretty normal. I had lunch with my nephew and my brother on Friday. This is first nephew, the one in the Navy. He taught me about his job and how his training will look long-term. My other nephew is joining the Air Force next year (I think he's due to be at training in February or something close to that). This has already led to some good-natured rivalry between the two branches.

I had friends join me for dinner on Friday. They have a tall son, a small son, and a baby son. It was fun, especially since I got to hold spend the evening telling the baby son how adorable he is (he is very, very adorable).

Beyond that, life is moving along normally. It's only 3 weeks until Christmas, and I'll have a few days off then to relax.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Weekly Update

Yes, it's Wednesday and I'm 3 days late. My apologies to anyone who actually expects a Sunday post.

It's crazy busy right now. There's stuff going on at work, there's a Christmas concert to organize at work, I'm trying to be all social and hospitable, and last night I took my friend's son to the symphony. They were playing the music of Star Wars, so that was a lot of fun.

Right now I'm just tired and I've been fighting a cold. I think I'm winning, but it messed up my voice and I've decided that I'll never talk properly again. I just need to rest my vocal cords or something, but I spend a lot of time at work talking to parents and teaching students, so that won't happen for a while. On the other hand, I have an excuse for not talking to people at times because my voice needs a break, so that's nice. Laryngitis is an introvert's dream illness: you don't feel bad, but you have an excuse to avoid conversation without seeming rude!

Overall, life is good. I'm planning to have friends over for supper on Friday, and they have a baby, so I can spend a couple hours telling the baby how adorable he is. They insisted on bringing supper (since I tend to play hostess; it's easier on all of us if we meet at my house), so I don't have to worry about that (although, to be honest, I was planning to order pizza). I'll also have the bigger kids to play with, and the parents to talk with. It's going to be a good day.'s almost Christmas!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Sunday Stuff

Today was a bit different in that while I was at church, I wasn't participating a lot. I've been fighting a cold, and I was coughing a lot this morning. I thought about staying home, but it was the first Christmas concert practice, so I figured I should be there. By the time I left (at about 9:00), I wasn't coughing very much.

Anyway, I was needed as a "helper" in a classroom today as there was a teacher off sick. Mostly I was just needed as an extra presence, so I wandered in and out, taking care of stuff. I did a pile of photocopying for the concert (songs and lines), and sat in the Sunday School room and organized it all. Then, when it was time for the service, I decided not to try sitting through the service. I didn't have the energy to stand for singing, and I couldn't sing anyway (my voice is rather rough) (as a side note, no one would care if I sat down during the singing; at the most, they would worry that I was unwell). I also didn't want to disturb everyone if I started coughing. Happily enough, the service is piped into one of the Sunday School rooms (so parents have a place to bring restless children), so I hung out in there.

Practice went about as well as the first one ever goes. I was with the grade 5-12 students, trying to get them to stop talking long enough for me to give out lines and explain things. There were questions (that would have been answered if they had listened); plenty of "helpful" advice; and an attempt to convince me to use a real baby for Jesus (no, no, no, no, no!). We did get through the readings, and I understand that the younger children at least heard the songs (and some of them even sang). It's a start!

I have a bit of a different Christmas song for you this week. Enjoy!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Sunday Stuff

I don't have a lot to say today, mostly because I'm tired and have a bit of a headache. I didn't sleep well last night, so today was a bit tough. It was a good day, though. We had a sandwich lunch at the church after the service. As always, there was an incredible array of sandwiches to choose from, and an incredible array of breads/buns used. As a single person, my responsibility is to bring a tray of veggies or fruit, which is the easiest thing. I generally eat with the young people, and it's a lot of laughter and fun; I love spending time with them.

We had a baptism service after the lunch, and 5 people were baptized. It's always a good thing, hearing how God has worked in people's lives. One of my former Sunday School students was among the newly baptized this time, which always makes me feel like there's one more child safely in the fold. Of course, every year there are more for me to watch over.

I know I'm not supposed to play Christmas music until December or something, but I'm going to post another Christmas song anyway. Enjoy!