Friday, 22 March 2013


I've been dealing with a stupid cold this week. It got pretty nasty, and I almost took yesterday off. In the end, though, I knew that if I called in sick I would tell myself that I was needed at work so I didn't bother (the problem with being in charge is that there's no one to cover for me and I know it). I'm off today and I've been sitting (and lying) on the couch, mostly watching movies and sometimes dozing. I'm beginning to feel a bit more human and have decided that it isn't the plague (hey, it was on of the options when I entered my symptoms into Web MD or some such thing). I had given one of the bosses fair warning that I might call in sick tomorrow, and things are mostly set up so that I can. I don't think I will though; a day of rest (starting with 12 hours of sleep) has helped. And if I don't go in tomorrow, there will be more work next week. With the way we set things up (with someone else coming in to teach so my teacher can help with the tests), it should be a relatively stress free day.

Happily enough, I didn't have any school work to deal with this week. I start the next classes next weekend, and there will be enough reading and writing to keep me busy.

There were a pile of things I wanted to do during the 2 weeks without school. Being sick was not on the list, and it pretty much too precedence over everything else. Maybe next week will be productive.

I was giving a receptive vocabulary test to a student, and when I explained it he said, "Oh, like a post-concussion test. We do those at school." Maybe school are getting too violent.

To wrap up, a bit of entertainment:

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