Saturday, 18 May 2013


We moved to the new centre on Wednesday. I'm very, very, very happy to be moved. It was lovely on Thursday to walk into work and it was so quiet, so peaceful. There was no lawyer, no lawyer's people or receptionist (although the current one is nice), and no lawyer's incense (that's what makes me happiest).

The moving part was somewhat stressful. I clashed with one of the head office people over packing and unpacking. We can both be control freaks, only I tend to be more relaxed and don't show my control issues at work very much. For moving though: I wanted things packed a certain way so that I could unpack more easily. I was trying to keep as organized as possible. Then, when unpacking, I was trying to stay as organized as possible. I also had ideas about how to set things up (there were fewer issues here as she wasn't part of it and the others either agreed, helped decide when I wasn't sure, or let me try my way and then saw that it worked pretty well; after all, I spent weeks dreaming about this). Anyway, this other person is used to being in control and I think that finding me insisting on overseeing stuff and not backing down surprised her. I know it upset her. I tried to be as diplomatic as possible, but it's a challenge with someone who is used being in charge and suddenly isn't.

Plus, there was the regular stress of moving: days spent packing (and not getting other work done) and then unpacking (and trying to get other work done). I ended up very, very tired and stressed and gave up on finishing stuff. Thursday I did my best and then left. I'm off until Wednesday. I'm not sure that taking a couple days off right after moving when things aren't really settled at work was the best idea, but I already had plans for the weekend (and we were supposed to be moving a couple weeks ago). At the same time, I really, really need the break.

The new's bigger than the old one. My office is way bigger. In the old one, after 3 people it felt crowded. In the new one, I can fit at least twice that. The teaching area has 2 more tables than the old one and it still isn't as crowded. I have a little alcove that we're not really using yet (it has a computer table, but no computer so far). There's also a large storage room that is big enough to double for a staff area (for coats, fridge, microwave, etc.). The whole centre is really, really nice, and new, and clean, and it makes me very happy.

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