Sunday, 16 March 2014

From the Kids

At work...

Me: Do you know what a summary is?
6 year old: Yes. That's what you can go in and it goes underwater.
Me:, that's a submarine.

Student one (out of the blue): I loooooooove Sylvan!
Student two: Sylvan is so much fun!
Student three: I'm so bored.

At home...

Child one: Let's do a brain transplant this time!
Child two: Yeah! Wait, where's the brain?

In Sunday School...

Me: And what would happen if a slave refused to do what the master said?
Entire class in unison: They would be whipped!

Then I talked about them as my slaves. They realized that there are more of them, so they started planning a slave uprising. I told them that it never works because other people would come and deal with them. They insisted that there are more of them.
Me: Hey, there are more adults than children in this church and they would come and kill you.

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azktmom said...

Kids can be so funny at times.