Sunday, 20 January 2013

Another Sunday Post

Honestly, I do intend to write more often. I have stuff to say, and now that work has settled down to manageable, maybe I'll have time as well!

Our senior pastor, as you may or may not know, has retired. His last Sunday was the end of December; we had the kids all go up at the end and we all gave the benediction together (from Leviticus; Pastor Lyle did it so often that everyone had it memorized). Then the pastor and his wife managed to hug all the children, I think. They're still at the church, but now Pastor Lyle can rest.

All of this means that our young associate pastor is now doing the entire service. This is his third Sunday on his own and he's doing a good job. Last week he led communion and we decided that our baby pastor was all grown up now!

Today we almost had a fight in my Sunday School class. We were talking about guarding your hear and being careful about what influenced you. We got to being careful of what you read and I asked them what type of books might be a bad influence. Someone said The Hunger Games and someone else protested and there would have been trouble but I stopped them and told them that I wanted types of books, not titles, and that everyone could have his or her own opinion on specific titles.

Work is better and now I have to get going on schoolwork. I'm behind where I should be, and it doesn't help that everything is due on the same day. I do much better with deadlines. Also, the professor approved all three of my potential topics for the major paper so I still don't know what I'm writing about!

And on that note, something to make you smile:

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