Saturday, 17 August 2013

Getting Ready

I've had a pretty nice break from church related stuff this summer. There was no Sunday School and no Junior Church. I was in the library pretty often, but that's my happy little hide away, and I didn't feel rushed to get there. It's been nice.

Now, though, it's time to start getting ready for fall. Today one of the other teachers and I sat down and planned the first few weeks of the new Sunday School year. We have lessons through at least the second week of October, and plans to write more in a few weeks. It feels nice to be prepared and it's good to have someone else to talk things over with while we write lessons (although his wife thinks we'd get further faster if we talked less and wrote more!). This year both our classes are doing curriculum based on The World-Tilting Gospel by Dan Philips. It's more work for us; until a couple years ago we all did a set curriculum that was all ready for us, and even last year when I did Worship and Wisdom, the lessons were based on my school notes and were much easier to write. It's good stuff, though, and we're both excited about teaching it.

I suppose I should start getting Junior Church materials ready for September as well. That's not really a lot of work since they're already written (this is our second time through the Bible). I just have to type up the notes, maybe make some adjustments, and make sure they have illustrations and colouring pages. It just takes time, that's all.

This fall we're also having a woman's teaching time or discipleship thing or something. I'm not really sure what's happening, only that we're going through the "I am" passages in John and I agreed to do some teaching, but they assure me that I won't be needed until November. I don't plan to think much about that just yet.

There are only a couple weeks of summer left. It's been a nice break and I think I feel ready to start things up again.

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