Friday, 26 July 2013

One Last School Post

A few final notes from Thursday and Friday...

If it’s not Biblical change, it’s not change at all.

The church is the place where people can gather together and worship together and have world peace with each other and peace with God.

Tomorrow is ice cream day in the snack room. It might make up for it being the last day. I really don’t want the week to be over because it’s my last week here and I really, really don’t want to go back to work.

Our knowledge is limited by our event horizon

He’s talking about sex now. We are not anti-sex; we are pro-sex within God’s design. I’m pretending that I’m somewhere else. In the ancient church married couples were encouraged to be celibate. Single people were extra spiritual. I think I’ll agree with that last statement!

So…I was talking about one of the guys in my class on Facebook, and how he can be pretty loud when he talks. I just friended him. I hope he doesn't see that post (or realize that it’s about him)!

Life’s not fair because we’re in exile.

I’m trying to take better notes today since one of the guys asked me to send him my notes (he can’t take notes himself, and his helper guy isn't always here). I’m trying, but it’s Friday and I’m tired! Also, I have some focus issues in general. My brain needs the occasional break, and I do focus well while doing other stuff and less if I’m just listening. For example, right now the prof is talking about covenant of works and covenant of grace and how there is an aversion to any kind of command in some movements because they believe that Jesus has done it all.

I’m still working on my control tendencies. I haven’t checked work email once this week, and it’s been challenging. I want to know what’s going on and make sure everything is under (my) control. At the same time, I’m pleased that they only sent one message looking for advice. There was a message from another director telling me that he had taken care of a couple things at my other centre, but that was more of an update so I know what’s happening (it was the only potential new student enrolling this week). Beyond that, I have to trust my people to know what they’re doing, and ultimately trust God to take care of things and people much better than I can. It is a trust issue, and I am working on it.

The church flourished by advocating a strict exclusivism.

The food isn't as good this year. Tuesday’s supper was leftovers from Tuesday’s lunch, which included leftovers from Monday’s supper. Also, I’m pretty sure the same green Jell-O has been served every day, but that’s just because no one wants green Jell-O. Tuesday was really the worst day. Most people went to a BBQ, and those of us who were left were pretty sure were forgotten (even though we had said we weren't going; one of our former classmates was coming up to visit). There are a couple other groups here, so we think they prepared (leftovers) for the other people and we came in 30 minutes later and got whatever was left. We’re a little concerned about tonight, since they found it necessary to find out how many people were planning to be here for supper (it’s Friday now). It’s either to make sure they have enough food, or to see how little food they have to prepare, or to see what the can get away with.

Spell check keeps trying to get me to fix “it’s” to “its” even though I’m using it correctly. At the same time, it allowed “we’re” when I meant “were.”

Supper wasn't that great. It's the last day of the last week of classes, so I guess we should be happy there was food. The salad was definitely made up of leftovers and there was no dessert. We went for frozen yogurt. Now I'm in the lounge watching the guys play pool and procrastinating on packing.

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