Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday School Issues

Today I sent two of my boys out of Sunday School. They would not behave and kept being silly (mostly saying stuff that was irrelevant or giving the wrong answers and laughing). I gave them enough warning and they tried one more time...and they were out. It was just a little thing for each of them, but it was the final straw. A couple of the other students, ones who usually laugh or participate in the nonsense, were looking annoyed as well, so you can imagine how things were going.

So, two students and two results:

Student one: He and his mom came to me at the end of Sunday School. According to him, he hadn't heard my last question and that's why he gave the wrong answer (yeah...nice try, kid). His mom agreed that he was probably at fault, but he hadn't taken his meds that weekend and that's what happens. Even his teacher at school notices when he misses a dose. Okay, but you're giving him an excuse for not behaving. Besides that, you're allowing him to disrupt my class. She told him to say sorry, he didn't, and she let him go.

Student two: He and his mom found me after Sunday School. She gave him a look and he apologized for his behaviour, and more than just a "sorry." He was sorry that he had misbehaved, hadn't listened, and had been disruptive. After, his mom and I talked. She said that he had tried the "other people were also laughing" line as well as "but I couldn't help it." His mom wasn't accepting it. He was responsible for his behaviour and he had the choice of how to behave, and he could ask God for help to behave.

Guess which student is less likely to give me more trouble in the future?

Side note: I was looking at my stats. Someone has been looking at old pages from a few years ago (I don't know why; that's just what the stats say). I looked to see if there was anything interesting there and discovered that the small elf who sits with me in church used to be known as the little imp. She has been protesting being called the small elf; do you think she would prefer if I went back to calling her a little imp?

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