Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Stuff

My small elf is supposed to take notes in church. I got her one of those notebooks with the top half of the page blank and the bottom lined, so after she writes 4 sentences about the sermon, she can illustrate. Generally she writes down the title and passage, then puts a - on the next four lines for her points, skips a line (in case any of her notes are longer) and fills the bottom lines with random words from the sermon. Today she got a sentence for lines 1, 2, and 4, and then tried to convince me that she should get to draw a picture since she had taken the fourth note! Yeah...nice try, kiddo!

You know, of course, that true worship in church only happens with a good band, modern songs (or maybe some hymns with "updated" music) and lots of movement: dancing, hand raising, random shouting, you know. It's all about setting the mood and involving emotions. It's the only true worship.

Or not. This morning we stood in nice rows, with only an occasional bit of hand-raising, and a flute introduction followed by only the keyboard and singing Amazing Grace (published in 1779). And we sang out with absolute enthusiasm and praise and joy, and it was very good.

Just remember that, okay? It's not about what song we choose or how old it is or how much emotion you can perceive outwardly. Worship starts in the heart and works its way out because it cannot be contained. And that person who stands quietly and sings? Chances are, her worship is just as joyous and true and the person who dances her joy.

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