Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sunday Update

I think I'm getting somewhere with the school assignments. I have two essays written (well, first drafts, but that's the hardest part) and I'm getting through the reading well. I have one major paper (20 pages) and a shorter paper that is an overview of Romans; most of that is getting written in note form as I read through the book with the commentaries. It helps that work has slowed down some, enough that I'm home most evenings. I have 5 weeks left and I think I can get it done.

I ordered more books on Friday. My landlords gave me a Chapters gift card as a "thank you for being a great tenant" gift and told me that it had to be spent on books for fun, not school (my landlord insists that gifts should be fun). I told myself that when I got the draft of the paper I was working on done, I could order books! I ordered The Lord of the Rings trilogy (the box set also comes with The Hobbit) and the Silmarillion by Tolkien and the Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson (side note: those of you with children should get them Sanderson's Alcatraz books). Not that I'll have time to read them, but I can use them to reward myself as I finish assignments. 

That's part of how I get through assignments: rewards. I also rely on an infusion of caffeine, Skittles, and Goldfish crackers (or, lacking them, Ritz bits peanut butter sandwiches). I also put in a movie that I know well (musicals work well) or put on a CD, and tell myself that I only have to work until the movie/CD is over. That way it's less overwhelming and I have some nice background noise.

I finished teaching Proverbs to my Sunday School class. We only reached chapter 9, but I basically just wanted to do the "my son" portions (skipping everything on adultery). Next week we are going to start James and discussions of the marks of a true believer.

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